MIT‘s cheetah 3 robot has been revealed at TC sessions: robotics in cambridge, massachusetts. previous versions have been able to run at speeds up to 14 miles an hour and to bound over objects, this model however has been designed to save lives. cheetah 3 robot by MIT is made to save lives



MIT focused this time on a more practical subject by creating a robot that could perform search and rescue. due to its four legs, the model can conduct certain actions that traditional robots have not been able to do before. it can walk up and down stairs, balance on three legs, and researchers are currently working on a dexterous hand that will be able to open doors and act out other complex tasks. 

cheetah 3 robot by MIT is made to save lives



‘our vision changed to wanting to use this in a real situation, to dispatch it to fukushima,’ stated professor sang-bae kim at the TC session. ‘we want to use this in a place where we don’t want to use humans. we can use the robot to monitor the environment and other emergency situations. there are a lot of emergency situations where you just want to do a routine check.’