chrysler beneath the surface showcases VR experience of manufacturing
images courtesy of MPC




the chrysler ‘beneath the surface’ virtual reality experience showcases the manufacturing process of the automotive company’s all-new 2015 ‘200’ model to oculus rift DK2 headset wearers. created in partnership with wieden+kennedy portland, stopp and MPC creative, the one-of-a-kind interactive existence is present at the los angeles auto show 2014 and the detroit auto show 2015. the four minute, four dimensional immersive entity highlights to customers, how the vehicle is made at the five million-square-foot sterling heights assembly plant.


the teaser for the VR experience
video courtesy of MPC




the ‘beneath the surface’ allows customers to view how the chrysler ‘200’ is built as if they were inside the car throughout the factory process. as well as witnessing a visual experience, the showcase is brought even closer to reality with the help of a seat rumble pack and sound system that combines music, voiceover instructions and spatial sound effects. after a life-like exploding rendering of the vehicle’s anatomy, the user then visualizes the body shop where more than 1,000 robots work to build one model. this is then followed by the paint shop and finally the metrology center where a team of engineers check and measure the automobile to ensure its fit and finish.

the exploded rendering of the car’s parts


the robotic assembly process


customers wear the oculus rifts to experience the virtual reality