‘cineskates’ portable tripod/dolly for cameras

developed by justin jensen in a class at MIT medialabs and now the first product of his texas-based company cinetics, ‘cineskates’ is a portable design for an adjustable wheeled tripod that lets everyday users accomplish the smooth tracking shots and pans that are achieved in the professional sphere through the use of dollies and other expensive or cumbersome equipment.

three wheels fit onto joby’s gorillapod focus tripod, requiring only a ballhead to attach one’s camera to the device. the wheels utilize a ‘cinetics connect’ snap-on mechanism that is designed for extensibility as cinetics expands the offerings of wheels and tripods capable of being used in the ‘cineskates’ system. jensen envisions, for example, robotic or remote controlled wheels that can clip on in place of the standard model, and a larger trpod and wheel system.

the project is currently seeking kickstarter funding, predicting that the ‘cineskate’ wheels alone will retail for approximately 200 USD and the complete system for 350 USD.

jensen demos and discusses the project in the ‘cineskates’ kickstarter video

cineskates portable tripod dolly view of ‘cinetics connect’ snap-on pieces, that will permit a range of wheels and tripods to be interchanged into the system

cineskates portable tripod dolly 3D model of the ‘cinetics connect’ design

via techcrunch