citroën turns off-road with my ami buggy concept


pack your bags, load the car and get set for an adventure, there’s now an off-roader edition of citroën’s tiny, cute teenagesubscription EV, called my ami buggy concept. asserting a backpacker personality, the concept delivers fun adventures on the road or on beach tracks, travelling with electric to be noiseless and emissions-free. the design is destined to be your fun, functional, practical and environmentally-friendly buddy.

citroën designs world's cutest EV off-roader, my ami buggy concept



fun and cute meets practicality


from side-on, the adventurous nature of the citroën my ami buggy concept is most distinguished. a strong silhouette is formed by reworked fender flares and tubular protections at the bottom of the doors. a sense of freedom is created as these doors have been removed and replaced by transparent rainproof canvas, fitted with zippers to keep occupants dry when needed. the body is dressed in two tones: anodized khaki on the front and speckled black at the rear. key elements, graphics and accessories are highlighted in citric yellow.

citroën designs world's cutest EV off-roader, my ami buggy concept



the EV’s armor of adventure is fitted as characterful yet highly practical accessories on the exterior. bull-bars, hubcaps, headlight grille, bumpers and faceplates adorn the front. a LED light bar sits atop, illuminating the path for night-time travels and for ‘camp fire’ atmospheres when parked up. citroën’s famed chevron graphic is then stamped across the design, featuring on the wheel caps, faceplate, roof cap, side protection plates, light bar brackets, bottom of the bumpers and back of the wing mirrors.

citroën designs world's cutest EV off-roader, my ami buggy concept



inside, chevrons appear on the brackets for the accessories, storage bins and on the dashboard. the words ‘pilot’ and ‘co-pilot’ are printed on the roof above the driver and passenger respectively. similarly, the numbers 01 and 02 adorn the seats, again to reference the brand’s motor racing history. the interior is built with clever, portable storage solutions. a special range of luggage – from sailor to bum bags – has been designed, each to fit perfectly into the vehicle’s designated spaces. clamps and holders for smartphone, camera, bottles and even a nomadic speaker are also sculpted into the architecture.



concept info:


brand: citroën

concept: my ami buggy