last week, tesla CEO elon musk’s space exploration company spaceX announced its plans to fly two tourists around the moon in 2018. naturally, the next question to be posed is that when humans start jetting off casually into space, what on earth (or not, in this case) are we going to wear. designer clement fernandes has come up with a solution to the 21st century problem, creating a pair of Y-3 X spaceX concept sneakers specifically curated for wearing on mars. 




the sneakers are designed specifically for running on the red planet, and use an upper made of nylon combined with carbon nanotubes. the carbon nanotubes are activated by the heat of the body and contract the fibers of the nylon to adjust the upper to the feet, making for a tailored, perfect fit. fernandes uses an outersole made of a multi-density EVA structure, softer for the cleats in order to provide more cushioning on mars’ stony, uneven surface. the gap under the arch and the positioning of the cleats lighten the shoe and give a better stride on sandy grounds. rubber elements on the back of the design strengthen the structure of the upper, proofing the sneaker for sandstorms and temperatures of 52 degrees. 




the space X sneakers’ aethetic is based on the deep red, stony colors of mars, with a slick, sharp shape based on aerospace eqiptment and futuristic technologies. the bespoke sneakers take into account that the percentage of gravity on mars is 38% of that on earth, going by name of 38%_2101 morphknit 0.1. the design is curated to promote the settlement of human’s on the red planet in future years. although the sneaker is not quite available yet for preorder, we’ll make sure to grab a pair before we set off into space next.