coca-cola singapore has used OLED displays to create limited-edition star wars bottles with glowing lightsabers that glow when touched. the packaging coincides with the upcoming movie star wars: the rise of skywalker that comes out on december 20th.


berlin-based startup OLED company inuru created the labels, which glow when touched and feature a built-in printed battery with enough power to light up about 500 times. the company claims the diodes are ‘eco-friendly’ because they’re manufactured without the use of rare-earth metals.




coca-cola has made 8,000 of the bottles devising a hunt for fans who will need to solve a riddle revealed on instagram and facebook. fans then need track down the secret locations of ‘gatekeepers; near 7-eleven stores around singapore, obtain a special pass and then redeem that pass to buy a bottle. ‘galactic hunt’ promotion the company is running between december 6th to 22nd in the city-state.


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company: coca-cola