portable vehicle by cocoa motors is ideal for senior citizens
all images courtesy cocoa motors





 something popular this weekend came from tokyo based company cocoa motorsthe engineers there think walking is to hard work, so they’ve come up with the ‘walkcar’, –  a slim aluminum tablet with four wheels that is controlled by electric motors that can traverse small curbs, light slopes and simple cityscapes. weighing 6.6 pounds, the invention works by simply standing on it to go and can be steering by plainly shifting weight from side to side while riding. the ‘walkcar’ is powered by lithium ion batteries, and can travel 12 km and go up to 10 km/h. charging it takes only three hours, and is a smaller improvement of the popular segway because of its portable size. since it does fit any bag, this would be great for the elderly commuting between subways, buses and trams. cocoa motors ‘walkcar’ plans to start shipping in japan by spring 2016. 

cocoa-motors-walkcar-portable-transporter-designboom-02the aluminum frame houses the lithium ion batteries


video courtesy of cocoa motors