glossy concept electric jet ski 'tarform raye' mimics gliding manta ray for biomorphic design

glossy concept electric jet ski 'tarform raye' mimics gliding manta ray for biomorphic design

Lightweight electric watercraft


From its motorcycle design on Tarform Luna, a café racer sculpted from bio-materials, Tarform translates its design ethos into a concept electric jet ski Raye that draws upon biomorphism and mirrors the drift of a manta ray. The glossy all-black exterior may stand out in the sun, across the ocean waves, as the electric watercraft glides easily through the water. The design team also imagines a lightweight water vehicle that users can maneuver easily.


They infer that users get the feeling of riding an electric motorcycle on the water. The high-performance and superb handling that Tarform sees manta-ray electric jet ski reaching a top speed of around 50mph with instant torque and acceleration using electric waterjet propulsion. Through these pinned-down specs, the design team is convinced enough that their concept relies on being speed-driven, backed by a minimalist design.

tarform raye concept electric jet ski
images courtesy of Tarform



Tarform Raye’s electric jet ski with plant-based materials


Tarform Raye eyes to use plant-based materials and modular technology for its concept electric jet ski. The recycled carbon fiber bodywork mixed with Tarform’s plant-based composite can ensure a non-heavy manta-ray watercraft for jet ski fans. It shares the same technology as the motorcycle series of the company through over-the-air updates, machine learning, and sensors.


The design team envisions the riders being technologically connected on and out of the land while keeping them safe as they ride the waves by sending them real-time updates on the speed, battery, and other features they plan to add to their voice command-looking meter. Tarform Raye outlines its desire to create two different power and range configurations for its manta-ray electric jet ski with power output from 70 to 120 horsepower. The target price will start at $68,000 for a bespoke model with a set of unique personal touches.

tarform raye concept electric jet ski
the design team imagines the concept electric jet ski to reach a top speed of 50mph



Biomorphic design replicating a manta ray


Tarform expresses its excitement to unveil the concept design for Raye. On an Instagram post, the design team cues in their viewers that the concept electric jet ski paves a way for them to explore alleyways that may deviate from their usual body of work, but still touch upon a common ground for performance and technology. ‘Since the inception of Tarform, our vision was to create the most beautiful machines for all environments, for the road, the ocean, and ultimately the air,’ Tarform writes.


The entrance of Tarform Raye illustrates the realization of this vision.‘Translating the experience of an electric motorcycle onto the water was the most natural extension to our vehicle lineup. The Tarform Raye is an electric jet ski that explores the biomorphic design and is inspired by the manta ray. We are excited to share that these are the first lines of the craft as we expand our design ethos into other realms.’

tarform raye concept electric jet ski
the biomorphic design is inspired by manta rays

tarform raye concept electric jet ski
Tarform Raye wants to create two different power and range configurations for its jet ski

tarform raye concept electric jet ski
the manta-ray jet ski is also planned to be tech-driven with machine learning and sensors


Tarform Raye and Luna


project info:


name: Raye

company: Tarform

design: Concept electric jet ski

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