confederate brings candid industrial flair to their G2 P51 combat fighter concept
all images courtesy of confederate






on a mission to symbolize an american rebellion in the form of a motorcycle, confederate designed the ‘G2 P51 combat’ concept. entirely made from lightweight aluminum, this muscle bike has machined fuselage plates located near the bulkheads that stiffen the proprietary monocoque. the new model incorporates a chassis with an intake box that ties directly into a CNC aluminum downdraft intake manifold. the fuel tank meant to bridge to the induction system where the swing arm pivot machined into the engine case. each front suspension girder and rear arm are made from solid blocks as well as, the fixe axis that optimize structural integrity and fatigue resistance while minimizing un sprung weight. a total of 61 editions of confederate ’G2 P51 combat’ are scheduled to be made, in both blonde brushed aluminum and anodized black.

confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-concept-designboom-02the big block engine amalgamates with the chassis 


confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-concept-designboom-03the skinny front wheel adds more control 


confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-concept-designboom-04big fat rear wheel insures all the power reaches the road


confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-concept-designboom-05the bike comes in blonde brushed aluminum


confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-concept-designboom-06the first sketch of the concept 


confederate-g2-p51-combat-fighter-concept-designboom-07the fine details sketched before renderings