introducing polyter


25 years ago, plant lover and agronomist Philippe Ouaki Di Giorno invented Polyter, a granule that turns into a superfood for plants when it comes into contact with water. Today, Di Giorno has started his own company that sells a range of products containing Polyter which is described as a high-performance, water-retaining fertilizer that can be used on all soils, crops, and in all climates.

when in contact with water, 'polyter' granules become a superfood for plantsall images courtesy of Polyter



water-retentive, regenerative and biodegradable


According to the information on its official website, Polyter saves at least 50 to 80% of water consumption, and increases cultivated areas by reducing water use while decreasing fertilizer consumption by 30 to 50%. In this way, the cultivation cycles are accelerated by 1.5 to 3 times, and the yield, quality and stability of production are optimized.


In the meantime, Polyter facilitates soil stabilization and fixation, while building humus. It also reduces the negative effects of leaching on soil structure. The innovative fertilizer is biodegradable, dissolves naturally within three to five years, and is completely safe as it leaves no residue on fruits and vegetables.

when in contact with water, 'polyter' granules become a superfood for plants



How does it work? 


A membrane in the Polyter granules allows very fast liquid absorption and return by osmotic pressure of the root mass. The granules, which contain NPK elements, absorb 160 to 500 times their original dry weight, depending on water quality.


Farmers who work with Polyter, explain that when the granules come into contact with water, they swell and become gelatin, containing all the nutrients that are necessary to a plant. In addition, the grains allow better anchoring of the roots in the soil, but also better resistance to water stress: Half a liter of water in Polyter is equivalent to two and a half liters of water in conventional irrigation. The granules, therefore, provide watering to the plant according to its needs and at the same time supply it with nutrients through the roots.

when in contact with water, 'polyter' granules become a superfood for plants



project info: 


name: Polyter
Philippe Ouaki Di Giorno