‘cookoo’ is a smartphone-integrated analog watch

developed by connectedevice ltd., the ‘cookoo‘ analog watch interfaces with smartphones, offering at-a-glance information from twitter, calendars, e-mail programs, facebook, calls, and other applications. the integration occurs via bluetooth 4.0 through the ‘connected’ app, permitting users to control the kinds of alerts and notifications they receive, and whether they prefer icons, beeps, or vibrations as the means of communication.

the ‘command’ button of the right-hand  side of the ‘cookoo’ watch can be customized to enact one of a variety of phone actions, such as checking in on foursquare or remotely triggering the shutter on the phone’s camera.

in addition, the watch alerts users when the cellphone battery is low, and can be used to sound an alert on one’s phone to help find it. developers are also invited to create custom apps for the system to further extend its functionality.

featuring a crystal watch face, ‘cookoo’ is water-resistant up to 3atm.

former microsoft product developer and project head peter hauser has initiated a kickstarter campaign for the device, whereby users can pre-order a ‘cookoo’ for 50 USD (the final retail price is set for 99 USD). watches are expected to be in production by late october 2012 if the project is fully funded.

cookoo analog smartwatch breakdown of the screen display notifications

cookoo analog smartwatch screenshots from the control panel of the ‘connected’ app

kickstarter introduction to the watch

via engadget