ever wondered what happens when you press a series of random soft objects through the small holes of a hydraulic press? finnish factory owners lauri and anni have, capturing the whole thing on their youtube, attracting over 1M followers.

watch colourful crayons crushed together with non-newtonian fluids in this hydraulic press

images courtesy of hydraulic press channel



cheese, soap, and crayons are all forced through a plate drilled with holes with the help of a hydraulic press. the pressure of the press is so strong that the objects merge before squirting out of the holes in amazing ways. lauri and anni have used the machinery to capture quite the following, head over to their youtube channel to see other videos like making peanut butter with the press and seeing if it is possible to turn hair into stone. the things on the internet these days…

crushing colourful crayons in a hydraulic press is quite wonderful