crowdsourcing champions crazybaby wants to transform the wireless speaker market
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founded in 2014 by allen zhang, crazybaby fuses design and quality components to deliver an alluring audio experience. the company began with a successful indiegogo project that generated over $820,000 USD from supporters all over the globe. their first creation and the source of their success is the ‘mars’ levitating wireless hi-fi system. the design features an UFO-shaped disc with a 1.75 inch full range speaker and a base that includes a 3.75 inch subwoofer know as the ‘mars base station’. 

the ‘mars’ speaker




‘while many audio products on the market feature either good sound quality, cool design, or an affordable price, no product delivers all three – until now,’ explains allen zhang, founder of crazybaby. ‘we created mars to offer an innovative, low cost, and visually captivating speaker with an unparalleled listening experience.’

the levitating disk acts as a portable speaker




the disc floats using patented technology that delivers 360 degree sound project to ensure high quality sound anywhere in a room. the aircraft quality aluminum body includes a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery for eight hours of continuous playback and stylized LED light system. the ‘mars’ is available in black, space gray and white. 

inside the disk is an 1.75 inch full range speaker




for it’s sophomore effort, crazybaby introduced the portable ’luna’ round speaker which has a funding campaign on kickstarter it can sense and activate the moment someone enters a room and harnesses an AWU electric telescopic system and adjustable color kit. it’s powered by ‘meshnet’ network technology with wi-fi multi-point connectivity that can support up to 32 wireless units. in the center of the ‘luna’ is an independent tweeter speaker, an LED light guiding component, dome and ring ornament which, when powered on, mechanically opens up. 

the ‘mars’ comes in space grey, white and black




both ‘mars’ and ‘luna’ are supported by iOS and android apps that designed to effortlessly control their unique features. crazybaby is expanding rapidly and is proud to deliver its products to audio enthusiasts worldwide. 


video courtesy of crazybaby

all the components inside the ‘mars’ 


video courtesy of crazybaby

the smaller ‘luna’ speaker 

connects via bluetooth connectivity


video courtesy of crazybaby