cristiano ronaldo stars in quirky japanese commercial for facial fitness device
all images courtesy MTG




when a company launches a new product, they usually spend big money to attract high-profile celebrities as official ambassadors. in the latest release by japanese health and wellness brand MTG, ballon d’or winner cristiano ronaldo promotes a gadget known as facial fitness PAO – an exercising device that requires you to bite down on it with your teeth. ‘in my everyday training sessions, there is one area of my body that I hadn’t been exercising: my facial muscles.’ said ronaldo. PAO specifically targets and massages the major muscles in the face line for 30 seconds, increasing the ‘smiling angle’ on both sides of the mouth. the technology works by vibrating back and forth to provide ’43 degrees of swing.’


to see ronaldo try out the quirky device, watch the video below:



 video courtesy MTG


the PAO facial fitness device