CRS duu series offers unprecedented customization to create distinct motorcycles
all images courtesy of CRS




based in milan italy, CRS produces high-quality motorcycles built with the latest available materials and premium performance parts. their latest ‘duu’ series focuses on a completely customizable frame where clients can change according to their needs, colors, and styles. both aesthetic configuration and mechanical components can be chosen. the basic frame is a totally stainless steel main structure made with big section tubes. the chassis’ components are machined bended, and hand welded to reinforce the engine’s cradle and holder. the ‘duu’ comes standard with a five-speed transmission or an optional six-speed, accompanied by a wet multitask clutch with hydraulic controls. the base V-twin four-stroke 1916cc engine can max out at over 200 km/h. customers have the option adding carbon fiber body parts, colored finishes, and additional protection panels. the CRS ‘duu’ series allows riders to personalize every little detail, creating a truly unique motorcycle they can enjoy for a lifetime. 

crs-duu-bespoke-motorcycle-series-designboom-02the basic stainless steel frame

crs-duu-bespoke-motorcycle-series-designboom-03each panel can have a range of different colorscrs-duu-bespoke-motorcycle-series-designboom-04the ‘itala’crs-duu-bespoke-motorcycle-series-designboom-05‘zoro’ versioncrs-duu-bespoke-motorcycle-series-designboom-06‘biotta’crs-duu-bespoke-motorcycle-series-designboom-07all the mechanical performance parts are also customizablecrs-duu-bespoke-motorcycle-series-designboom-08‘britten tribute’crs-duu-bespoke-motorcycle-series-designboom-09‘risott’