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the cyberlandr pop-up camper for the tesla cybertruck surpasses $100M in pre-orders

a disappearing camper addition to the tesla cybertruck 


after las vegas-based stream it, inc. unveiled the cyberlandr — the disappearing camper for the tesla cybertruck— now it announced to accept orders. by 8th december, cyberlandr has surpassed $100M in pre-orders, even if we don’t know for sure tesla cybertruck will ever exist. if will so, its aerodynamic pop-up design will definitely pass every expectation.


according to the press release they published recently, the company is now making some shares available for purchase. ‘we are humbled by the overwhelming response and excitement around cyberlandr. many people have asked for the opportunity to invest in the early stages of the company. to make this possible, we have partnered with startengine to make a very limited number of shares available,’ ance king, CEO of stream it.

the cyberlandr is a pop-up camper for the tesla cybertruck
images by cyberlandr



 transforming tesla cybertruck into a lifestyle vehicle


this incredible camping alternative allows users to take a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and office anywhere and everywhere, resulting in the ultimate wilderness and urban adventures.


the tesla cybertruck features a silhouette the cyberlandr wants to highlight. that’s why when stowed, the camper disappears entirely within the bed of the truck, allowing the tonneau cover and tailgate to close. this creates a low center of gravity, zero aerodynamic drag, and minimal effect on rage. ultimately, this allows users to take the cyberlandr through areas they would avoid with most overloading trailers. even if equipped with a trailer, the overall size is still reasonable, allowing it to fit in normal parking spaces and making sure it doesn’t obstruct outward visibility.




enhancing the tesla cybertruck experience


the cyberlandr’s aesthetics, features, and accompanying app are all designed to complement and enhance the tesla cybertruck experience. for example, the cyberlandr’s marble-look porcelain kitchen countertop mirrors the cybertruck’s dashboard. and just like the cybertruck, cyberlandr has voice activated automation to control features like lights, its electrochromic dimming windows, and even the faucet. users can also use the app to control these features, to deploy and stow cyberlandr, and to view the 360-degree surround surveillance system.

the cyberlandr pop-up camper for the tesla cybertruck surpasses $100M in pre-orders 

the recirculating shower means users won’t run out of hot water while radiant heated floors keeps a comfortable temperature while it’s cold outside. the dry fish toilet means there’s never a black-water tank or cassette to empty. and because the cyberlandr is all electric, you never need to run around town to buy propane, gas, or diesel fuel – a simple charge is all it takes. 500 Watts of included solar panels help replenish the cybertruck’s batteries.





project info:


name: cyberlandr

company: stream it, inc.

dry weight: 1,200 lbs

sleeping capacity: 2 adults, 2 children

fresh water (usable): 40 gal
visibility from truck: unobstructed
aerodynamic drag (cd): 0
patents: 5
est. range reduction: 5%


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