studio roosegaarde, the social design lab led by dutch artist daan roosegaarde, has unveiled the URBAN SUN, a project that uses a proved wavelength of light (222nm) to clean public spaces from airborne particles. the aim of the project is to inspire safer social gatherings by cleaning the coronavirus and consequently bringing human wellbeing. 



‘can we use the power of light to bring back our well-being?’ comments daan roosegaarde on the urban sun project video. ‘inspired by scientists, we proved that a UVC 222 nm wavelength cleans 99% of the coronavirus safely. we have been working with a team of designers and engineers and external experts for the world’s first urban sun. I think it’s so important to find a way to meet again and using science and design to improve the world around us. we are the architects of our new normal.’


currently there’s not much information as to when this will be available. stay tuned as we unveil more details. meanwhile, make sure you check this autonomous robot that also uses UV light to disinfect hospitals.



project info:


name: urban sun

design: studio roosegaarde

type: UV light to disinfect spaces