daqri brings 3D visualization to the construction site with augmented reality smart helmet
all images courtesy of daqri 





daqri wants to bridge the gap between potential and experience by seamlessly connecting the worker to their environment and providing contextually relevant information that connects to the individual. the ‘smart helmet’ realizes the potential of augmented reality and 4D technology with an influx of visual aids to help at any worksite. with onboard intel microprocessors, the helmet can identify a user in any space without the dependency of GPS, bluetooth or WiFi. this intuitive experience offers users an unprecedented level of information about the world around them with precise display and tracking possibilities. 


video courtesy of daqri




3D visualization quickly brings a virtual representation of the real world into the augmented scene. using video and depth sensor data collected during every use of the ‘smart helmet’, daqri provides advanced 3D reconstruction capabilities and through crowd sourcing, users can rapidly assimilate a comprehensive map of a facility. the ability to generate accurate 3D maps of environments from many different sensors can be fed back into localization or used for in-data analytics to see changes over time.

daqri-smart-helmet-augmented-reality-wearable-designboom-02the ‘smart helmet’ would add a layer of data without additional hardware




just as thermal vision allows users to see heat signatures, the daqri ‘smart helmet’ offers enhanced sensing capability outside of the user’s traditional senses. ‘magnetic IMU’ can detect the presence of strong electrical fields, and with microphones and cameras, the system can not only read gauges, import analog dials into the digital world, but it can also compete against acceptable variances. this technology can also be used to track worker movement and location within an environment, providing information that could lead to a safer and more productive work area.

daqri-smart-helmet-augmented-reality-wearable-designboom-03the visual augmented graphics added to a gauge reading daqri-smart-helmet-augmented-reality-wearable-designboom-04the software would add constructive help at any job site daqri-smart-helmet-augmented-reality-wearable-designboom-05with built-in cameras, experts allow review work in real-time  daqri-smart-helmet-augmented-reality-wearable-designboom-06the ‘smart helmet’ offers a thermo vision readout and gauge overviews  daqri-smart-helmet-augmented-reality-wearable-designboom-07the visor houses the augmented reality optics daqri-smart-helmet-augmented-reality-wearable-designboom-08daqri ‘smart helmet’ breakdown