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daughter of john delorean to produce gull-winged 'model-JZD' in the name of her father

Kat Delorean leads the creation of Model-JZD Delorean


Kat DeLorean, daughter of automotive engineer John DeLorean, is following in her father’s footsteps. She founded DeLorean Next Generation (DNG) Motors in hopes of sustaining the legacy of DMC 12 (there is even a LEGO model of the vehicle here) with its classic flap-wings door and futuristic look. The concept Delorean, under her supervision, will be named Model-JZD, an homage to her father John Zachary DeLorean.


Full specs and car designs are yet to be pinned down, but Kat DeLorean has mentioned in the blog post of DNG Motors that Model-JZD will take after the DeLorean DNA, be built in the Motor City, and will begin its assembly in Detroit in January 2023. If everything goes according to plan, Model-JZD is slated for a December 2023 release.

DeLorean Model-JZD
images courtesy of DNG Motors



Kat DeLorean reiterates that DNG Motors is in no way associated with DeLorean Motor Company or DeLorean Reimagined. The restatement is to emphasize to the viewers and fans of DeLorean that what she will be producing will stay true to her father’s vision.


‘We do not support or endorse, nor are we associated with the new DeLorean Motor Companies using the DeLorean name. These new companies are not supported or endorsed in any way by John DeLorean and we do not wish to be associated with their actions against his Legacy,’ comments the team behind DNG Motors in the Youtube description of Model-JZD video.

DeLorean Model-JZD
gull-winged Model-JZD



Model-jzd retains the gull wings


The renders of Model-JZD, uploaded on DNG Motors, were designed by Angel Guerra and Allan Portilho as their tribute to the DeLorean car model from the perspective of what it might look like if it was designed and built today. Kat DeLorean admired the design and tapped the duo to collaborate with her and the company, putting their design as the face of Model-JZD.


By the looks of it, the classic DeLorean DMC 12 draws its exterior from the modern sports car while retaining the gull wings of its predecessor. A strip of white light gets lit when the car starts, making Model-JZD look like it is about to blast off at high speed. With the advancement in technology, the team behind Model-JZD might as well incorporate exciting high-tech features and elements.

DeLorean Model-JZD
kat delorean renounces association with the new deLorean motor companies using the delorean name



In a blog post on DNG Motors, the team writes that she was an integral part of her father’s engineering projects before his unexpected passing in 2005. The successor to her father’s legacy has an engineering background and had direct involvement with her father and his works.


This personal contact makes her ‘the perfect successor to finish where John DeLorean left off,’ the post continues. The post also mentions that Kat DeLorean’s mission is to put her father’s final business plan to work by creating a car company based on the principles John DeLorean believed in such as quality, safety, longevity, and affordability.

DeLorean Model-JZD
full specs and car design are yet to be pinned down



Rebuilding legacy by giving back to people


Rebuilding and sustaining a legacy might come across as challenging, but Kat DeLorean seems undeterred by the workload and investments these would take. Team DNG writes that Kat has begun the journey of ‘rebuilding the DeLorean name and brand into the ethical company her father always wanted it to be.’


The company aims to be a mobility group that focuses on people and gives back to society. ‘Besides just building cars and creating jobs, Kat plans to introduce an exciting new engineering program to public high schools that will provide a direct pathway to apprenticeships and engineering programs at major universities,’ the post continues.


Kat DeLorean also plans to partner with other manufacturing companies to help meet some of the challenges faced by the automotive industry today. When it comes to the whole production team, the blog post indicates that the company will partner with ‘some of the top automotive minds in the industry, alongside a portion of the original team that helped create the first iconic DeLorean more than 40 years ago.’

DeLorean Model-JZD
DNG Motors writes that Model-JZD will take after the delorean DNA


DeLorean Model-JZD by DNG Motors

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