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self-balancing davinci DC100 robotic electric motorcycle races to CES 2023

davinci dc100 rolls on to ces 2023 stage


The Davinci DC100 – a high performance robotic electric motorcycle – races on stage for its US debut at CES 2023. The futuristic design is a rival to traditional 1,000 cc bikes in terms of performance, utilizing a suite of computer chips and advanced sensors. This is packaged inside a sci-if-like design.


We’re excited to announce that CES 2023 represents our first on-site appearance in the US market,‘ said Rosanna Libia, Davinci Motor International Business Manager. ‘As a tech-driven company, this show is top on our agenda for events where we want to represent ourselves as a tech company in the US and across the world. CES 2023 serves as the perfect opportunity to introduce our product to the US market, and we would like to invite media and attendees to visit our booth.

davinci 'DC100' is a robot on two wheels
images courtesy of Davinci, via Facebook and Instagram



two-wheeled robot Davinci dc100


Chinese manufacturer Davinci created the DC100 as a robot on two wheels thanks to over 1,000 computer chips and over 200 advanced sensors. These sensors and chips help the riders keep track of accurate information about their environment, vehicle movement status, road conditions, battery and motor temperature, and lean angle, to name a few.


While riding, the DC100 will combine this data to control the motorcycle’s power system. Davinci has created a smart robot in the body of the motorcycle, and with this kind of technology, perhaps a real-life transformer can become a potential vehicle in the future.


davinci 'DC100' is a robot on two wheels
Davinci DC100



The sensors and chips keep on giving the riders their well-deserved safety. When they select the Drive Mode of the DC100, the motorcycle instantly activates Ride Assist which means it controls and slowly releases the speed to a max of 7km/h (4 mph) when moving forward to enable a safe start.


If riders begin to ascend on an uphill road, the DC100 can sense the inclination angle and automatically activate the Hill Start Assist, which helps the motorcycle move forward by applying high torque at low speed. For downhill paths, the DC100 assists riders by automatically activating the Hill Descent Control and adjusting the speed to a max of 7 km/h (4 mph) in order to optimize both balance and energy recovery.


davinci 'DC100' is a robot on two wheels
smartphone as a dashboard



DC100 can self-balance and recover kinetic energy


Davinci’s DC100 modes seem infinite. It also offers a Reverse mode where the motorcycle calculates the most suitable torque output value in the current state and releases it to the rear wheel depending on the weight and the adhesion value of the tire to the road surface. As the motion state changes, the torque output will continue to calculate and change, always letting the tire stick to the ground to avoid slipping.


DC100 also has a combined braking system which means that if riders pull the brake lever with their right hand, the front wheel is physically braked while the rear wheel is braked by the reversal of the in-wheel motor in a counter-clockwise system. The mechanism helps prevent launching the riders off their seat.


davinci 'DC100' is a robot on two wheels
it has over 1,000 computer chips and over 200 advanced sensors



Touching on DC100’s other technology, the Battery Management System (BMS) of DC100 can monitor the real-time status of its battery pack, detect the ambient temperature, and balance the power consumption while riding. It also features a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) that is able to recover the vehicle’s kinetic energy under braking and reduce its brake pressure when the riders put it to a sudden stop. Davinci has also made DC100 a self-balancing robot on wheels thanks to its Electric Power Steering (EPS). Riders can just leave the motorcycle on its own, and it will not fall.


davinci 'DC100' is a robot on two wheels
the battery management system (BMS) of DC100 can monitor the real-time status of its battery pack



Smartphones turn into dashboards


Specs enthusiasts can get excited with Davinci DC100’s peak torque of 850Nm, top speed of 200 km/h, peak power of 100 kw, and range of 400 km. Davinci claims that for the motorcycle’s battery to be charged at 85 percent, it only takes 15 minutes of charging time using any fast chargers and just 30 minutes for a 100-percent full charge. If there are no available fast-charging power sources, DC100 can be charged using regular outlets and a portable charger, but these methods usually take longer charging time.


If riders are looking for a dashboard, they might not need to worry since they can just connect their smartphone to the motorcycle via Davinci app, place their mobile on the dedicated space on the motorbike’s frame, and look at the riding data, and vehicle and battery status in an instant. Riders can even unlock their motorcycle using the Bluetooth and NFC features of DC100. Davinci has already opened their reservation list for DC 100.


Davinci ‘DC100’

davinci 'DC100' is a robot on two wheels
it can also recover the vehicle’s kinetic energy under braking

davinci 'DC100' is a robot on two wheels
it fully charges in 30 minutes


Davinci ‘DC100’


project info:


name: DC100

company: Davinci

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