motorcross athlete robbie maddison rides waves with his dirt bike
all images courtesy of DC shoes






in the summer of 2015, motocross athlete robbie maddison and DC shoes, set out to blur the lines of what’s been done before and what’s only been dreamt of, in an attempt to fulfill a three year long ‘pipe dream.’ his team spent days testing and building fins, waterproof sealed engines and different rear tire designs to accomplished a hydroplaning dirt bike. once completed, robbie dressed with his helmet, motocross boots and gloves, took the bike to the iconic waves of tahiti and managed to ride the unchartered saltwater waves of the pacific ocean like a pro surfer. robbie describes the experience, ‘it’s not about the first or being right, it’s about believing in yourself because you know something is possible.’  check out the cinematic video of DC shoes and robbie maddison’s ‘pipe dream’ below. 


video courtesy of DC shoes


dc-shoes-robbie-maddison-pipe-dream-designboom-02in the waves of tahiti


dc-shoes-robbie-maddison-pipe-dream-designboom-03the bikes uses fins to raise it above water


dc-shoes-robbie-maddison-pipe-dream-designboom-04the project took three years to design


dc-shoes-robbie-maddison-pipe-dream-designboom-05the engine need to be completely sealed to prevent malfunction 


dc-shoes-robbie-maddison-pipe-dream-designboom-06a special rear tire was developed to propel the bike forward


dc-shoes-robbie-maddison-pipe-dream-designboom-07the undercarriage also includes to raise it above water


dc-shoes-robbie-maddison-pipe-dream-designboom-08the hydroplaning is completely controllable just like a regular dirt bike


dc-shoes-robbie-maddison-pipe-dream-designboom-10robbie maddison riding during the sunset in tahiti