internet content producer who goes by the alias thefakening released a video of today’s tech moguls, jeff bezos and elon musk, featuring in a scene of the original star trek movie – ‘the cage’ on youtube. combining artificial intelligence with high budget facial recognition computer graphic equipments, thefakening seamlessly manipulates the faces and voices of the original actors with those of bezos and musk. the two characters can be seen exchanging words as bezos, the talosian alien, attempts to capture musk, a human being.

deepfake video of elon musk and jeff bezos in star trek surfaces online
jeff bezos as a talosian alien | images from video by thefakening



with the intent to find ‘the fun side of the dark side’ and to provide everyday entertainment through ‘goofy memes’, thefakening has a growing social media following on twitter, youtube and instagram. although the technology behind A.I aided face-swapping technology may incite controversy and cause threat to an individual’s privacy, it is impressive to see how far the technology has come since its introduction at the 2017 siggraph annual computer graphics conference. on his website, thefakening also accepts customized deepface inquiries and specific deepfake video services, which include VFX composite mouth manipulation, face swapping and deaging of videos.

deepfake video of elon musk and jeff bezos in star trek surfaces online
elon musk as captain pike



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title: ‘jeff bezos and elon musk star trek deepfake’

creator: thefakening

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