delorean proposes a sleek off-roader with its electric omega 2040 concept

delorean proposes a sleek off-roader with its electric omega 2040 concept

delorean’s omega 2040 concept debuts at pebble beach


Focusing its attention toward the future of electric vehicles, DeLorean Motor Company unveils its latest concept, the 2040 Omega. In a tweet on Monday, the company notes that the design takes its roots from ‘baja-themed off-road racing,’ meaning that it’s meant to withstand rough terrain and harsh weather conditions. The vehicle‘s lifted stance and massive wheels combined with its sleek styling suggest a hybridization of a rugged pickup and the polished vision of a high-tech future.


The news accompanies the unveiling of its electric Alpha5 at Pebble Beach this past weekend (see designboom’s first look at the concept here), which proposes the company’s iconic DMC 12, reinvented for 2024.

delorean omega 2040images courtesy DeLorean



preparing for a rugged future


The eye-catching identity of the DeLorean Omega 2040 comes from this dialogue between polished and rugged. The silhouette of its aerodynamic body implies a sleek coupe, while the raised ride height recalls an off-roader. Gull-wing doors continue the company‘s iconic vision of the future which had been cemented since 1985. Overall, the design suggests a 2040 which calls for the familiar high-tech, minimalist styling transposed into a post-apocalyptic context — capable of crossing drought-induced deserts and flooded coastlines alike. 

delorean omega 2040
details are highlighted with LED lighting

delorean omega 2040
hexagonally-patterned elements are arrayed across the rear windshield delorean proposes a sleek off-roader with its electric omega 2040 concept


high-tech, minimalist styling is seemingly transposed into a post-apocalyptic context

delorean proposes a sleek off-roader with its electric omega 2040 concepta single windshield sweeps across the entire body of the car


DeLorean says the concept represents a ‘complete departure from traditional automotive design’


project info:


project title: DeLorean Omega 2040

debut: Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance, August 2022

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