early prototype of the AUDI e-bike wörthersee for sports and trick cycling



next week at the wörthersee tour in austria, AUDI will present its performance electric bike for sports and trick cycling. throughout the development process, competitive cyclist julien dupont tested and offered feedback on the bicycle, utilized by AUDI in its optimization of the design.

the lithium-ion bike features a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) frame and 26-inch wheels, the latter of which represent the ‘audi ultra blade’ design of broad, flat spokes to increase the transmission of pedal power.

located at the lowest point on the frame, the electric motor generates a record-breaking maximum output of 2.3kW: a power-to-weight ratio of 9kg (19.8lb) per kilowatt. the rider can choose from among five cycling modes: human-powered only (‘pure’), the electric motor alone (‘egrip’), or pedaling supported by the electric motor (‘pedelec’).

an on-bike touchscreen computer interfaces with smartphone via WLAN, and video can be recorded via the in-helmet camera and uploaded via the mobile device to the web. an online portal lets trick cyclists compete against one another, earning points for successful tricks that have been videotaped and uploaded.



designing the AUDI e bike worthersee AUDI uses LEDs to incorporate its signature lighting into the design



for trick cycling, the bike’s seat can be lowered to run flush with the frame, returnable to normal riding position with the touch of a button. a multimode electronic control system also supports the rider when performing backwheeling, wheelies, and other tricks.



trick cyclist julien dupont tests a prototype of the new audi e-bike



‘the AUDI e-bike wörthersee has AUDI in its genes down to the very last detail,‘ explains carsten monnerjan, head of AUDI’s concept design studio munich development facility. ‘for us, that is crucial when it comes to designing a product that is not an automobile.‘ andré georgi, one of the designers of the studio, adds by way of example: ‘the homogeneous LED light strips ensure that the AUDI e-bike wörthersee is immediately recognized as being an AUDI product.‘



designing the AUDI e bike worthersee design sketch



designing the AUDI e bike worthersee sketch of bike frame



designing the AUDI e bike worthersee concept drawing



designing the AUDI e bike worthersee the finalized design concept


designing the AUDI e bike worthersee 3/4 view from above



designing the AUDI e bike worthersee the development process of the e-bike was characterized by extensive lab and street tests and optimization



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