deus ex-machina in sydney australia, approached ‘the red pill’ motorcycle with a simple enough request – surf/bike outfitted with their classic look and feel. as they began designing, the team of mechanics took styling cues from their own models from a few years back. they completely removed the air ventilation system and replaced it with a recycling carburetor. the carbon gasses evacuate through a carefully bent custom header from japan, leading to a reverse cone muffler that offers better performance and a clean look. 

deus-ex-machina-the-red-pill-motorcycle-surfboard-designboom-02the bike without the surfboard




to continue with the simplicity, the battery is neatly burrowed under the swing arm. attach to that are custom quick-release board racks that comfortably holds the surfboard in place. custom stainless steel front and rear fenders with matching headlights and mirrors finish the look to compliment the recognizable deus ex-machina style. designer jeremy tagand completely the ‘the red pill’ with a pair of classic firestone tires. 

deus-ex-machina-the-red-pill-motorcycle-surfboard-designboom-03 the custom rack straps the board securely deus-ex-machina-the-red-pill-motorcycle-surfboard-designboom-04 the bike is counter-balanced to help with handlingdeus-ex-machina-the-red-pill-motorcycle-surfboard-designboom-05 the modified forksdeus-ex-machina-the-red-pill-motorcycle-surfboard-designboom-06  the completely removed air ventilation systemdeus-ex-machina-the-red-pill-motorcycle-surfboard-designboom-08 custom exhaust pipedeus-ex-machina-the-red-pill-motorcycle-surfboard-designboom-09 the digital speedometer deus-ex-machina-the-red-pill-motorcycle-surfboard-designboom-10the deus ex-machina logo on the gas tank