tokyo researchers have developed an e-skin that can measure and display vital signs like your heartbeat in real time. the stretchable skin is made up of a 16×24 LED display and is intended for use in healthcare.


engineering researchers at the university of tokyo have developed the ultrathin display which sticks to the skin. researchers say the rubber sheet will last for a week without causing inflammation.

ultrathin stick-on electronic skin display shows your vital signs
images courtesy of takao someya research group



the display is wirelessly connected to an electrocardiogram which can monitor the user’s heartbeat in realtime. those vital signs can then be transmitted to a healthcare cloud or device potentially for a doctor.


the device aims at easing the strain on home healthcare systems in ageing societies through continuous, non-invasive health monitoring and self-care at home. the current aging society requires user-friendly wearable sensors for monitoring patient vitals in order to reduce the burden on patients and family members providing nursing care,’ the project’s lead, professor takao someya, said in a statement. 


it is hoped the integrated skin display will be brought to market within the next three years but first need to improve the reliability of the stretchable devices by optimising its structure. dai nippon printing, a japanese printing company and collaborative partner, first need to understand if the technology can be scaled up in production and in size, e.g. for large-are coverage.