‘dock+go’ concept by rinspeed, wherein a detachable axel designed in a variety of ‘packs’ offers additional storage space for electric city cars

the ‘dock+go’ concept by rinspeed is a detachable third axel that offers additional, task-specific storage space for small electric vehicles.

conceptualized by swiss automotive designer frank rinderknecht, the ‘dock+go’ system offers a variety of specific ‘packs’: an integrated heated box for food delivery, a segmented toolbox pack, or a golf, camping, beach, or party pack among others. most innovatively, an ‘energy pack’ contains either a combustion engine or additional batteries or fuel cells to increase the operating range of electric cars. in the system, the axel of the add-on component drives the second axle, thereby recharging the onboard battery of the vehicle itself.

rinderknecht demoed the ‘dock+go’ on a two-seater smart car, but the system is adaptable to any electric city car. rinspeed will exhibit the concept during the 2012 geneva motor show march 3rd through 13th.

dock + go concept for electric cars demo of smart car with the ‘dock+go’ third axel

dock + go concept for electric cars animation demo of the concept

via gizmag