dorothy app and ruby turns heel clicking into a phone call trigger
images courtesy of istrategylabs




the ‘dorothy’ app and ruby by istrategylabs, generates phone responses when the user clicks their shoes’ heels three times. being stuck in an awkward situation, praying the cell would ring in order to escape, is now a thing of the past. the physical trigger named ruby, makes any footwear smart by connecting to a mobile application. when the user taps their heels together three times, a pre-selected desire is performed. these can range from a fake contact call to the sending of text messages to friends, along with the current location.


meet dorothy
video courtesy of istrategylabs




the ruby that can be fitted inside any sneakers, has three main components – the 3D printed housing, a laser cut acrylic faceplate and the lightblue bean. the latter, as well as the arduino micro-controller with a built-in bluetooth chip, accelerometer and coin cell battery powers the device. the attachment is designed to mimic the natural facets of a gemstone, whilst remaining as a compact form – 1.35 x 0.88 x 0.35 inches. istrategylabs are working on creating a product that is as small as one-third of the ruby’s size and to expand its capabilities to also order an uber or even a pizza.

the ruby insert


pre-determined responses are assigned to the heeling clicking




the device is powered by the lightblue bean