dot braille smartwatch helps the visual impaired see the world around them
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trigger by problems visual impaired customers have using bank ATMs, dot incorporated constructed a smartwatch that displays information using braille. the south korean company realized the challenge need solving from the simple fact that most braille devices on the market have crude designs, that are strictly focused on functionality. in order to make their product more appealing to both people with sight as well as people without vision, the design process reflected a very faithful set of mottos: ‘people with blindness are no different’ and ‘braille is beautiful.’ 

dot-braille-smartwatch-designboom-03there are 285 million visual impaired people in the world





the module of the smartwatch houses four cells of six active dots each – adequate for four braille characters to be displayed at once. the dot device can be calibrated to display new characters at speeds ranging from one hertz to 100 hertz. furthermore, development has yielded a battery life of 10 hours, which will give the average user five days between charges. the dot incorporation is committed to promote braille literacy, by producing a product that will attract a wide range of customers. by designing a cost friendly smartwatch, they anticipate increasing information accessibility and affordable learning among the visual impaired. the dot braille smartwatch is being release in the united states in december 2015. 

dot-braille-smartwatch-designboom-01the smartwatch has a 10 hours battery life


dot-braille-smartwatch-designboom-04strap is made of water resistant rubber


dot-braille-smartwatch-designboom-05 houses four cells of six active dots each


dot-braille-smartwatch-designboom-06second version with a round watch face


dot-braille-smartwatch-designboom-07it displays four braille characters at once


dot-braille-smartwatch-designboom-08the smartwatch includes basic features such as, – alarm, messenger, navigation


dot-braille-smartwatch-designboom-09allows access to e-books everywhere