dots object experiments with wood to create the plybike
all images courtesy of dots object






dots design studio is mainly focused on experimental processes of various materials, such as metal and wood. they’re enthusiastic in pushing them beyond their limitation both conceptually and functionally in order to achieve a design dialect traditionally not found in the industry. the ‘plybike’ uses wood that has been developed and prove functional for outdoor use. the combination of wood oak, teak and back walnut place a balance between art and function in a common classic style. of course the joints are made of high-tensile steel, with aluminum accents such as the handlebar and crankset. dots object plan on producing only 500 of them, accompanied by a single speed rear coaster brake.

dots-object-plybike-dp-02-wood-designboom-02the crankset is made from CNC aluminum 


dots-object-plybike-dp-02-wood-designboom-03only 500 are being made


dots-object-plybike-dp-02-wood-designboom-04the bike features a leather seat 


dots-object-plybike-dp-02-wood-designboom-05all connections are made from high tensile steel with copper finishing 


dots-object-plybike-dp-02-wood-designboom-06the custom aluminum drop bar