keep your hands on the wheel with drive concept timepiece
all images courtesy of gus petrikas





the ‘drive’ watch concept was designed to appeal to the most hardcore petrolhead on the planet like the designer gus petrikas. focused on the driver’s hands, the timepiece faces along the arm to keep from taking hands off the wheel. the ‘drive’ concept comprises of precision machined aluminum unibody and hard, thick leather straps, that deliver that vintage, racing spirit. ditching the digital revolution, gus petrikas stuck to analog dials that bring back the warmth, longevity and durability needed to keep up with tough environments like the garage. gus is co-founder of 3D vizulization startup called surfake. in his spare time is lets his imagination run wild with concepts like the ‘drive’ timepiece.  

drive-timepiece-concept-gus-petrikas-designboom-02comes with a leather strap 


drive-timepiece-concept-gus-petrikas-designboom-03faceplate runs along the arm


drive-timepiece-concept-gus-petrikas-designboom-04automotive influenced dials


drive-timepiece-concept-gus-petrikas-designboom-05everything about the timepiece is analog 


drive-timepiece-concept-gus-petrikas-designboom-06the aluminum casted shell


drive-timepiece-concept-gus-petrikas-designboom-07the timepieces uses 12 hour clock scheme