ducati monster stripe series delivers directly from the racetrack to the road
all images courtesy of ducati






ducati affirms its sporting spirit with a new monster stripe series that promotes their racing heritage. the two updated models include the ‘monster 821 stripe’ and the more powerful ‘monster 1200 s stripe’. both motorcycles have improved designs and innovative technology packaged in a more aggressive looks thanks to the ducati stripe livery that covers the carbon fiber fenders, tanks and seat covers. the bikes come with high grade aluminum finishes, carbon fiber belt covers and plexiglas windshields. the appearance also includes trademark matte black rims and side mounted twin exhausts. 


introductor film of the ‘monster stripe’ series
video courtesy of ducati





the nimbler ‘monster 821 stripe’ is smaller with the ‘testastretta 11°’ 821 cc engine that outputs 112hp at 9,250 rev/min. the chassis structure is replicated from ducati’s racing models with a compact trellis frame and classic tubular sub-frame layout. the setup ensures greater cornering agility for a more exhilarating riding experience. 

the ‘monster 1200 s stripe’ fuel tank




the ‘monster 1200 s stripe’ is a completely different beast. the bike is powered by a second generation ‘testastretta 11° ds’ 1198 cc engine with a maximum power output of 145hp at 8,750 rev/min. the whole system is controlled using a ‘ride-by-wire’ electronic interface that delivers a signal to a control unit which regulates the power delivery. the ‘monster 821 stripe’ and ‘monster 1200 s stripe’ can be purchased at any world wide ducati boutique now. 


the model ‘monster 821 stripe’ model


the series includes carbon fiber covers and fenders


the suspension is fully adjustable 


the ‘monster 1200 s stripe’ twin exhaust system