introduced at EICMA 2015, ducati enters cruiser class with xdiavel motorcycle
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ducati enters the cruiser world and does so in its very own italian way – the ‘xdiavel’ boasts the design, technical content and performance that is typical of their motorcycles. catering to ‘low speed excitement’, the next-generation model is for relaxed riding typical of the cruiser world, while still having the adrenaline of sports riding. 


ducati showcases the low-speed excitement of the ‘xdiavel’
video courtesy of ducati




in the initial sketches, ducati designers in california envisioned the ‘xdiavel’ to be long, low, and muscular with modern shapes and technologically cutting edge components. the new ‘testastretta’ engine has an increased displacement, combined with the use of a desmodromic variable timing system (a dual-geared transmission setup), that allows for full, fluid torque distribution even at low speeds while ensuring sports performance at full throttle. the ‘xdiavel’ is the first ducati to use a final belt drive. it’s been added in order to guarantee reliable and safe power transmission, with added silence, cleanliness and less maintenance as added benefits. 

the ducati is designed for comfortable rides on long stretches of road  
image courtesy of ducati




technology comes together with a full range of electronics added to the motorcycle that riders come to expect – ABS, traction control, riding modes, cruise control, with new additions like a TFT dashboard, electric locks with red back-lit keys and full LED optical headlights. the tailor-made edition is on display at EICMA 2015 and is a sample of what ducati defines as a cruiser –  a level of performance and technical content situated exactly for riding versatility and unique experiences.

ducati designers envisioned the motorcycle to be long, low, muscular with moderns shapes 
image courtesy of ducati

seat height and a heavy curb weight underline the cruiser character
image courtesy of ducati

the ducati features a very long wheelbase layout typical of a cruiser
image courtesy of ducati

the front full LED headlight system
image courtesy of ducati

the ‘xdiavel’ very slim profile
image courtesy of ducati

the next-generation ducati ‘testastretta DVT 1262’
image © designboom

the dual tip exhaust system
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the TFT digital dashboard
image courtesy of ducati

CEO of ducati claudio domenicali premiering the ‘xdiavel’ at EICMA 2015
image courtesy of ducati