duo is a ’part mirror—all computer,’ AI device that operates from beyond your own reflection. unlike a standalone speaker such as google assistant, from the surface duo looks and works like a simple mirror, yet the 27” reflective display conceals a smart computer that lets you connect your home devices or simply use the feature as an all-purpose entertainment hub. the touch-sensitive mirror let’s you reach into your reflection to control the screen, or use ‘albert’, an AI companion that lives inside duo. undeniably similar to iron man’s jarvis, ‘albert’ lets you control your smart home devices with your voice as your get ready in the morning. 

‘duo’ lets your reach beyond your own reflection to control your smart home devices



duo’s core electronics are housed inside a discrete slim casing, meaning your AI butler operates from a 1.9mm thin display. the whole mirror weights in at just eight pounds, meaning you can easily mount the display on any wall. designed to effortlessly blend into any environment when not in use, far from being just another connected home device, duo is a full-blown computer system that’s fitted neatly inside a mirror.

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duo can display the news, the weather, and be used as a personal gallery



the mirror is powered by an on-board processor, and allows you to play music, check the news, or use the device as a virtual art gallery, displaying different works to compliment your interior. duo also supports a whole range of indivitual applications via its own custom operating system, HomeOS. the duo team have even delevoped a web-based Home0S SDK for developers wanted to build their own apps to be used on the platform. 

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the AI computer is housed inside a 1.9mm thin display

duo is designed to deamlessly integrate with existing interiors

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duo can be connceted with a whole range of specially designed apps

‘duo’ will read you the news as you get ready

duo’s elegant design means it goes unnoticed when not in use