DuPont™ adds wireless charging capabilities to their Corian® surfaces
all images courtesy of DuPont™





within its ‘endless evolution’ international growth initiative, DuPont™ has developed a practical, reliable and easy to install solution – the Corian® ‘charging surface’. the wireless recharging capabilities are enabled by a cutting-edge united based on induction technology. 

dupont-corian-charging-surface-designboom-02charges directly to an adapter attached to the phone or tablet




the technical properties of DuPont™ Corian® allow the charge to be delivered through the material directly. thanks to this feature, it is possible to create solutions offering integrated recharging capabilities with an elegant monolithic look and without making punctures into the surface in order to install the technology. 

dupont-corian-charging-surface-designboom-03 layout diagram of the induction system





hidden from view is a transmitter that powers up smartphones and tablets. energy is transferred safely from below the Corian® surface to a smart device and stops when the battery is full. in an airport, office spaces, hotels, the ’charging surface’ can integrate to any solid surface in any environment. 

dupont-corian-charging-surface-designboom-04the wireless system covers the whole finished surface




the ‘endless evolution’ initiative communicates DuPont™’s heritage and their vision for the future, with an approach that will continue to contribute to the success designers, architects, and artists. it encompasses manufacturing innovations, product development and technical programs that show the strength of Corian® as a versatile and reliable surfacing solution for furnishing, interior design and architecture markets. 

dupont-corian-charging-surface-designboom-06wireless charging system would help travelers without cables