dyson 360 eye robot vacuum cleaner uses advanced navigation technology
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the dyson ‘360 eye’ is the british company’s first robotic vacuum cleaner and features a unique 360° vision system that allows it to constantly observe and interpret its surroundings. an intelligent, panoramic lens camera takes 30 images a second and uses these captured pictures for simultaneous localization and mapping software (SLAM). this advanced navigation computer mechanics incorporates complex mathematics, probability theory, geometry and trigonometry to map a room. this means the little bot knows where it is, where it’s been and where it’s yet to clean. the device uses continuous tank tracks that enables accurate maneuvering over all floors and the climbing of small steps.


the capabilities of the 360 eye vacuum
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the ‘360 eye’ employs radical root cyclone technology that is their most compact yet. eight cyclones are used to increases airflow and generates high centrifugal forces of up to 50,000G that capture particles as small as pollen and mold. the motorised brush bar and suction channel span the width of the machine in order to suck up as much dirt as possible in a single pass. all this is collected in its tough polycarbonate and extractable clear bin. the engineers designed the dyson digital motor V2 which is light and small, yet extremely powerful in order to spin at up to 78,000 rpm. a lithium-ion battery powers the 100W engine as well as the impeller – that moves eight liters of air a second.

the tank tracks empowers the vacuum to climb over small steps by itself




the dyson link app is compatible and free to download on iOS and android platforms. the application allows the owner to control and schedule how and when the ‘360 eye’ vacuum cleans by showing the maps of the tidying process. 





the bot works on hard or soft terrains



sir james dyson describing the engineering of their first robotic product






the dyson link app allows users to track the cleaner’s process



how the cleaner’s panoramic camera works