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dyson grooms fluffy pets with vacuum kit for no-mess cleaning

Pet grooming kit from Dyson


Fluffy boys and girls leave so much hair on the floor, carpets, and just anywhere, and owners have to chase them to stay still as they scrub and brush them, or reprimand them with the octave-high voice (some just turn mushy when it comes to their pets). Dyson understands the pain of having to keep reminding the fluffy pets of their shredding and falling hair, so the company has invented a smart-home pet grooming kit that attaches well to its selected vacuum variants.

dyson pet grooming kit
images courtesy of Dyson



The Dyson-engineered accessories to groom medium- and long-haired pets suck loose hairs directly into the bin. Unlike ordinary brushes, owners attach the head of the pet grooming tool to the vacuum’s mouth and brush their hairy and fluffy pets like they normally do.


When they are finished, they do not need to finger through the captured hair by disentangling them from the kit. They just have to press a button on the vacuum and the suction feature of the pet grooming kit instantly slurps all the loose hairs into the bin bag.

dyson pet grooming kit
the pet grooming kit from dyson is acoustically engineered



Sucking loose hairs can be painless


When owners open the Dyson Pet Grooming Kit box, they will find an XL extension hose already attached to the quick-release adapter, and one pet groom tool. Dyson recommends placing the vacuum and tools where the pets could see them, so that they will not be afraid of them when the sucking starts. If owners want, they can also place the pets’ feeding bowls and toys near the grooming vacuum to invite their pets to take interest in the grooming cleaner.

dyson pet grooming kit
its suction feature is activitated by releasing the thumb from the button



Before brushing the fluffy pets, owners need to check that their coats’ are dry and free of large knots and matted fur. If first time using the tool, Dyson advises using the grooming tool without the vacuum cleaner to not cause shock to the fluffy pets. When they are comfortable enough, owners can now attach the tool to the vacuum cleaner. To keep the pets still, they can even be fed with treats for their good behavior!

dyson pet grooming kit
the kit is suitable for medium and long-haired pets



When it comes to the intensity of the setting, Dyson recommends starting with the medium or lowest power setting as a starter and if the loose hairs do not need so much power to get them off. If the bristles have caught enough loose hairs, owners need to release the button so the vacuum can inhale all the strands into its bin. They also need to check if the bin bag inside the vacuum is already full since Dyson believes it gets filled in no time.

dyson pet grooming kit
the vacuum sucks tangled hair straight into the bin.



Pet grooming kit is acoustically engineered


Groom. Suck. Gone. This is how Dyson introduces the Pet Grooming Kit. To be fair, they encompass how the kit does the job. The pet groom tool is also acoustically engineered, which means it makes grooming more peaceful for your pet (how amazing would it be, though, if Dyson installed lullabies too?). If the fluffy pets get antsy midway, owners can always use the tool without the vacuum on and just suck the loose hairs after they brush their pets.


Dyson’s Pet Grooming Kit

There are 364 slicker and angled bristles at a 35-degree flex that are installed on the pet grooming tool and they bend to an upright position as owners brush, penetrating deep onto the pets’ bodies to grab loose hairs. To retract the bristles, owners just have to release their thumb by pressing the button found at the head of the grooming tool. With Dyson’s Pet Grooming Kit, owners can enjoy less-mess and more-fun cleaning with their good boys and girls.

dyson pet grooming kit
owners can also use the tool without the vacuum on

dyson pet grooming kit
364 slicker bristles are angled at a 35-degree flex

dyson pet grooming kit
less-mess and more-fun cleaning


Dyson’s Pet Grooming Kit


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