dyson humidifier kills 99.9% of bacteria with UV cleanse technology
images courtesy of dyson




the dyson ‘humidifier’ kills 99.9% of bacteria using an ultraviolet cleanse technology. before any mist is released, a three-minute cycle exposes water to the UV light and then is then atomized by a piezo. with a patented air multiplier system, a hygienic, humidified draft is quickly projected evenly throughout a 16 meter squared room. it is the world’s first humidifier to be awarded the quiet mark by the noise abatement society, as it is acoustically engineered to provide a peaceful night’s sleep.

the front 3/4 view of the dyson humidifier




the dyson works by drawing air through inlets in its base and over a thermostat and humidistat which accurately monitor the room’s temperature. this enables it to adjust accordingly to project moisture for a comfortable environment. the machine has dual function for year round use and has a remote control to navigate its 10 precise airflow settings. one tank can last up to 18 hours but with a built-in sleep timer, it can be automatically turned off whenever the user wants. the dyson ‘humidifier’ projects an even and clean cloud that creates a hushed and comfortable environment.

the machine operates quietly in order to provide a muted and comfortable night’s sleep