after five years of development, dyson designs silent supersonic hair dryer
all images courtesy of dyson




escaping beyond fans and vacuums, dyson enters the beauty product market with it’s own hair dryer. the ‘supersonic’ took five years to develop, $71 milliion US to make, and with sir james dyson and his team 103 engineers, they managed to create 600 prototypes, researching and initiating over 100 patents pending. 


video courtesy of dyson

the airflow created by the ‘supersonic’ hair dryer




the main component of the ‘supersonic’ hair dryer is the V9 electric motor, which is dyson’s smallest, lightest motor ever manufactured. to help with every detail, the company hired additional aero-acoustic engineers to fully eliminate the noise traditional made by hair dryers.

head accessories are magnetically detachable



the 110,00 rotations per minute motor now has 13 blades instead of 11, which means the tones made have been altered beyond audible for humans. air temperature is measured 20 times every second, keeping the temperature under control. 

the buttons on the handle




every little detail has been engineered – the hair dryer comes with magnetic attachments and heat shield technology, so users can adjust quickly and easily without getting burnt. controlled by just four buttons, the ‘supersonic’ can adjust to three different speed settings, and four precise heat settings. sir james dyson even exclusively designed a limited edition travel case made with hand-finished leather. the dyson ‘supersonic’ is expected to arrive in september 2016. 

the easily removable air filter  

the V9 electric motor

the microprocessor monitors temperatures 20 times a second 

the leather travel case