‘world time sport’ e-ink watch by phospor

american watch designer phosphor has developed the ‘world time sport’. the timepiece employs a highly legible ‘e-ink‘ face, similar to that of a kindle device display.  with the reduction of small physical components in this timepiece, the result is a sleek and durable waterproof watch, 9.3mm thick. thanks to the energy-saving nature of an e-ink interface compared to that of a conventional display, the wearer sports a timepiece with a battery which rarely needs replacement.

the ‘world time sport’ has the capacity to display times from two separate zone selections simultaneously on the watch face. 24 time zones are available for selection with the option to implement one of these alternate time zones without leaving the home display. this feature allows the wearer to switch time modes by simply swiping along the bottom of the case, rather than with the use of a button or switch. the dual time zone e-ink face of the ‘world time sport’ also can also display the date in addition to the time of day in either a standard or large font.

e ink watch: phosphor world time sport detailed view of the orange silicon bands and e-ink face

e ink watch: phosphor world time sport alternate view of the phosphor ‘world time sport’ with white bands

e ink watch: phosphor world time sport the black-banded version of the phosphor e-ink watch

via techcrunch