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cute yet mighty, 'ebo X' robot rolls like a ball to serve as your personal security guard

EBO X from Enabot


A rolling ball that acts as a surveillance guard and camera at home takes shape in EBO X, a smart family robot that records, informs, and interacts with families as if it were a human. The gliding robot EBO X is equipped with two wheels that can weather bumps and carpets at homes, a 4K stabilized camera with night vision, and a pair of bright blue eyes that tracks people and watches over their homes.


More than its family-friendly design,  children might just make the smart robot their new friend. EBO X operates in three modes that cater to the home and family’s needs. Since it is designed to be interactive, robotic solutions company Enabot adds a speaker to EBO X which allows families to talk to the robot and command it using verbal instructions. If the parents are away, leaving their child alone in an apartment, EBO X can help them communicate from a distance through the installed microphone, speaker, and camera.

ebo x family robot
EBO X has colored eyes that change depending on its reaction | all images courtesy of Enabot



Changing eye color depending on the reaction


EBO X from Enabot is also connected via an app that helps users see what the smart robot sees as it rolls around the house. Using the dedicated app, users can control the rolling ball to the direction they want it to go using their smartphones and even adjust the speed and mobility control of the device.


The company describes it as playing with a toy car where it is in the users’ power to steer the robot anywhere. The silver areas on both sides are zones designed to customize various functions. Users can touch them to make a call, change EBO X’s eyes color, and other light effects. They can also change the song playing and other preset functions.


The smart robot’s lighting design allows it to react to its state and customize colors, ensuring its interactivity. Users can set up their preferable lights on EBO X, and as the device plays music, the dynamic lighting effect will also change with the rhythm of the song. EBO X debuted at the recent CES 2023.

ebo x family robot
EBO X features a 4K stabilized camera with night vision

ebo x family robot
speaker with controls on the side


EBO X by Enabot


project info:


name: EBO X

company: Enabot

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