ecce cycles from pierre lallemand escape the typical triangular frame
all images courtesy ecce cycles




bike design. in an ordered pre-formatted world, ecce cycles liberates itself from the set shapes to take form to another level. with the work of the designer pierre lallemand, the company has given birth to a unique line of bicycles that open up the boundaries of aestheticism. 

each model uses a carbon fibre frame




founded in 2012 in brussels, ecce cycles has two distinct ranges offering comfort in three different sizes. the ‘opus’ sport model is completely black with a gloss paint finish on a carbon fibre frame. robust and lightweight, the bicycle’s accessories are ideal for urban environments. the other version, ‘opus’ cruiser, combines leather and carbon offering riders a more refined bicycle. all the ecce cycles include shimano hardware, continental tires and ridley front forks.

the ‘opus’ sport model 

the second verison, ‘opus’ cruiser 

outfitted with leather accessories 

the brake and drivetrain layout

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