echo users have a reason to be completely creeped out this week. over the past few days, owners of the alexa-enabled devices have reported a creepy laughter which amazon quickly responded to: ‘we’re working on it’ before rolling out a quick fix.


the reason for this? well as noted in media reports, a spokesperson for amazon says its fix would rectify the devise mistaking common words and phrases that sound similar to asking the device to laugh. in order to do this amazon says it will disable the phrase, ‘alexa, laugh,’ and changing the command to ‘alexa, can you laugh?‘  the company says the latter phrase is ‘less likely to have false positives. 


and just to make sure no one else will be scared when the sound of robotic laughter unexpectedly fills users homes, amazon is also changing the digital assistants response to the question. instead of just laughing alexa will now repare its audience explaining,sure, I can laugh‘. here below from some users who captured the freaky vocals.




all images courtesy of amazon