the ‘eco whisper’ silent wind turbine

installed at geelong in victoria, australia, the ‘eco whisper‘ is an innovative wind turbine that generates virtually no noise pollution. the device’s automatic slew drive system changes the direction of the turbine to face into the wind, generating electricity even from relatively light breezes.

‘eco whisper’ is rated for the production of 20kW of electricity. standing 21.1-meters tall and 6.5-meters in diameter, the turbine comprises 30 blades fanning out from a central hub, with both components made from aluminum. the design reduces the probability of harm to birdlife, as well as offers a lower start-up speed and increased ability to collect wind. these attributes, in addition to its lack of noise, make the device suitable for a greater range of locations on and off the grid, including in urban environments.

a hinged pole design enables the turbine to be easily lowered for maintenance or during extreme weather, to prevent damage.

eco whisper silent wind turbine full views of the ‘eco whisper’ images via gizmag

video of ‘eco whisper’ at work

time lapse video showcasing the erection process of ‘eco whisper’

eco whisper silent wind turbine technical diagram, illustrating the hinge mechanism

via gizmag