for more than 130 years, EDISON has been powering italian homes. from the economic boom of the 1960s to the present day, EDISON has been deeply embedded in the country’s history, with its own fascinating narrative that has all the makings of a legend. in 1881, italian innovator giuseppe colombo grasped the vast potential of thomas alva edison’s light bulb and introduced it to the city of milan, lighting up the legendary la scala theater in 1883. just one year later, colombo founded the company that would bring electricity to the entire country for the first time.


today, EDISON is europe’s oldest energy company, but maintains a strong focus on our rapidly-evolving society. the brand operates in two main business areas — electricity and hydrocarbons — and is among the top energy companies in italy and across europe, powering homes, anticipating the potential of autonomous living, and, above all, understanding consumer needs.

edison world smart home
EDISON WORLD reflects the constantly expanding ‘internet of things’ market for the smart home



more than ever, our increasingly connected society requires an electricity and natural gas service that is tailor-made for today’s busy lifestyles. always connected, high-tech consumers are seeking flexible and customizable means of improving the way they manage and maintain their most valued asset: their home.


with this in mind, EDISON is revolutionizing its approach and furthering its range of action to enter the smart home market with a comprehensive series of services: EDISON WORLD. this trifecta of programs is designed meet three specific objectives within the home: a house that is automated — EDISON smart living; a space that is safe and protected — EDISON casa relax; and a home that reflects transparent energy costs and is powered by green energy — EDISON WORLD luce e gas and EDISON my forest.

edison world smart home
the services offer consumers customizable means of improving the way they manage their home



EDISON WORLD reflects the company’s understanding that energy waste must be reduced in order to safeguard the environment. the new smart package intends to meet the needs of every customer and is particularly tailored to each individual.


‘EDISON is shaking up the traditional energy market,’ announced alessandro zunino, CEO of EDISON energia. ‘in a rapidly changing world like the one we live in, it is no longer enough to merely supply energy and natural gas. we aim to be close to people, ensuring their utmost comfort and well-being at home, with new, efficient, simple and intelligent management solutions for the sustainable consumption and use of energy, in order to fuel progress.’

edison world smart home
the smart living package is designed to meet the growing needs of every customer 



EDISON’s smart living solution consists of a starter kit that can be fully customized to meet each user’s personal needs. the most essential of these services is a wireless console, whose sophisticated design easily manages and interacts with most of the smart home devices on the market today. the unit is equipped with a video camera, alarm, back-up battery and a SIM slot. also part of the integrated smart living platform is a smart cord that connects from an electric appliance to an electric socket. the device gives users remote control over the appliance, turning it on and off, and monitoring its energy consumption. additionally, a motion, light, and temperature indicator forms part of the kit, which detects people walking by and actively adjusts the room’s light and temperature levels accordingly. finally, a window/door sensor can send smartphone alerts if someone enters the property.

edison world smart home
the platform allows users to program automated settings and controls to make daily life easier



the EDISON smart living kit can be quickly and easily installed by downloading the app, connecting the device and adjusting the desired settings. smart living connects to any new product, giving users the option to improve security, comfort, energy savings or electric appliance control. additionally, the platform allows users to program automated settings and controls to make daily life easier. for example, an ‘away’ setting activates video cameras and motion detectors; another option, perfect for parties, plays background music and adjusts the color and brightness of lights at the click of a button. 


EDISON smart home is opening the doors of its headquarters in the center of milan — foro buonaparte 35 — until april 7th. visitors can experiment with the automated home systems and learn about the ways in which they can improve quality of life and security.  

edison world smart home
EDISON smart living consists of a starter kit of products 



building on the EDISON WORLD services is casa relax — EDISON’s new membership service. the platform seeks to minimize unexpected disruptions within the home, whether they be a black-out or a broken boiler. for a few euros a month, the service eliminates the cost of expensive restorations and even includes an emergency repair service for electrical and natural gas systems without any additional cost. with a network of around 1,400 technicians across italy, customers receive rapid, around-the-clock service, with a technician sent to the home within two hours of every call.

edison world smart home
a wireless console features a sophisticated design that easily manages all smart home devices



the third facet of the initiative is EDISON WORLD luce e gas — a transparent method of billing that informs and empowers consumers, allowing them to make more knowledgeable decisions. the offer brings wholesale electricity and natural gas prices to families, illustrating in detail the exact monthly costs of their monthly bill.

edison world smart home
a motion, light and temperature indicator detects people walking by, and the amount of light and temperature



the program also lets consumers take personal responsibility for protecting the environment. for just €1 per month, customers can choose to adopt a tree, offsetting the environmental impact of their daily energy consumption. as part of EDISON my forest, an area of new trees will be planted in haiti. partaking customers will be able to watch their tree grow online, and share photos and information about their trees on social networks. the initiative helps absorb carbon, reduce soil erosion, restore hydrogeological stability, and boost local productivity.

a window and door sensor can be fully customized to meet each user’s personal needs



everything we do can be traced back to energy sources — from the moment we wake up in the morning to the minute we lay down to sleep. the introduction of EDISON WORLD reflects the company’s strong focus on energy waste, technological development, and its endeavors to protect the environment. within the home, EDISON has generated a comprehensive and customizable solution aimed at improving and managing our day-to-day lives. the company’s deep understanding of consumer needs, particularly in our increasingly-connected society, has electrified and powered the movement of the EDISON WORLD revolution. 

a smart cord device offers users remote control over an appliance

a graphic conceived by italian designer matteo cibic illustrates the many functions of EDISON WORLD 




EDISON is europe’s oldest energy company, and one of the industry leaders in italy and europe.
a more sustainable energy for the future, with renewable sources, energy efficiency, new services, and digitalization — this is a new approach to energy as a crucial component of life quality and corporate competitiveness. innovation is the key for this future, and EDISON is taking on this challenge to keep alive the pioneering spirit that has driven the company’s development since 1884. today, EDISON is among the top energy companies in italy and in europe, operates in 10 countries, and employs over 5,000 people worldwide in its two main business areas — electricity and hydrocarbons.