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electric car in hoverboard shape comes with two big wheels & doors that open like clamshell

Hoverboard electric car SHANE only has two wheels


The inventor of the hoverboard, Shane Chen, reconfigures his two-wheeled personal ride into a giant electric car concept that features two big wheels and doors that flap upwards like a clam shell. Named SHANE in honor of its designer and founder, the hamster wheels of the concept electric vehicle are encased in a glossy covering, and on the side, LED strips rotate as the giant tires drive away. SHANE aims to minimize rolling resistance by turning to in-wheel regenerative shocks to save damping energy and recharge the battery of the hoverboard electric car.

Other potential striking features include the dual doors that open upwards both at the front and rear of the hoverboard electric car. SHANE embodies the tradition of scissor and butterfly doors and puts its own spin on them; it lifts themselves up the way clams do with their shells. Inside, no steering wheel can be seen, which gives the impression that the hoverboard electric car may be driverless and autonomous. It can also accommodate up to five people in its bucket seats, and the rear looks dedicated to the vehicle’s storage in case the passengers want to bring equipment for their travel or commute.

hoverboard electric car shane
images by Invetist



SHANE can park itself by turning 360 degrees


SHANE can change how its weight is distributed compared to the wheels. This means that when it is driving or braking, the car can adjust itself to stay balanced as if it had four wheels. This claim can make the car stable enough to be safe even when it is doing things that might usually make it wobble or tilt, such as running over speed bumps. The hoverboard electric car also employs what is called ‘two-wheel differential speed control,’ which helps make its turning and parking simpler. As seen in the video, the two wheels can move at different speeds, and by controlling these speeds, the car can easily maneuver and park at 360 degrees without needing a complicated steering system.

So far, SHANE is intended to be practical and efficient for everyday urban and highway use but remains a concept as to publishing the story. On the other hand, Shane Chen is hopeful that his hoverboard electric car will become a reality in the future, just like his two-wheeled board. ‘Two-wheeled cars have simply not been practical or stable enough for everyday driving until now. I was excited to create a car concept with two wheels that can go at high speeds and be energy efficient. I truly believe SHANE will make a difference in how we approach mobility, and I look forward to collaborating with partners to bring this concept to life,’ says Shane Chen.

hoverboard electric car shane
the electric car concept features two big wheels and doors that flap upwards like a clam shell

hoverboard electric car shane
the LED strips move along with the wheels

hoverboard electric car shane
even the trunk’s door opens upwards


the hoverboard electric car concept can accommodate uop to five passengers

hoverboard electric car shane
since no steering wheel can be found, SHANE may be driverless and autonomous

hoverboard electric car shane
the wheels can turn 360 degrees so SHANE can parallel park itself in tight spaces


meet SHANE, the hoverboard electric car concept with rotating big wheels

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