from AR windshields to 3D printed metal, new technologies shape electric cars at IAA 2023

from AR windshields to 3D printed metal, new technologies shape electric cars at IAA 2023

Key electric cars AND THEIR FEATURES at IAA Mobility 2023


As the curtains draw close to IAA Mobility 2023, automobile manufacturers leave the imprint that they are not just transforming their vehicles into electric cars. They have started to focus on new technologies and the way interior design can complement them to make the overall technical and visual aspects work together. They no longer just tailor their electric cars to how their drivers want to see them. They have employed advanced mechanization in hopes of making the driving experience easier and less reliant on manual functionalities.


Some of these electric cars at IAA Mobility 2023 turn to augmented reality, extensive display screens, new forms of steering wheels, and even 3D printing to create modern urban vehicles. Their interior design have been pared back to give more room to the driver and passengers and thoroughly detailed to offer visual appeal and experiential comfort to the users. Basic criteria of cars in the past may no longer be present today as these electric cars move beyond aesthetics, performance, and transmission type.

electric cars iaa mobility 2023
BMW Vision Neue Klasse | image by BMW | read the full story here





Display screens receive an upgrade inside the electric cars at IAA Mobility 2023. They are no longer static like meters or have low-quality graphics. Some automobile manufacturers now project the driving information and entertainment functions onto the front windshields. BMW Vision Neue Klasse introduces its Panoramic Vision for the first time, where the information is projected at the driver’s line of sight and across the entire windscreen.


AUDI Q6 e-tron may have a similar concept, but the car brand employs augmented reality to flash its display on the front windshield of its electric car. The AR experience then makes the driving information move along the focus of the driver’s eye, creating an illusion that the high-quality graphics are floating 200 meters away from the user. If not projected onto the windshields, the electric cars at IAA Mobility 2023 receive door-to-door display screens, just like the one found in the Mercedes-Benz CLA Class concept.


The car brand’s MBUX Superscreen gives birth to an innovative display through the dubbed VISION EQXX, which incorporates advanced real-time graphics. These extended and projected displays help the driver immediately see the information they want and need, using advanced technologies such as augmented reality and high-quality screens with real-time, and sometimes moving, graphics, a departure from the manual displays of the past.

electric cars iaa mobility 2023
AUDI Q6 e-tron | image by AUDI | read the full story here





Self-learning and smarter voice assistants show up in the electric cars at the IAA Mobility 2023 too. Combining artificial intelligence with in-house software grants the car brands a deal with intelligent digital helpers either using voice commands or touch gestures. They have also started to have a mind on their own as these voice assistants can now pick up on the routines of the driver and passengers and may carry them out on their own out of prediction. 


AUDI Q6 e-tron’s self-learning voice assistant learns from the driver’s recurring sequences until it does them itself such as the use of the seat air conditioning or the best path to take on the road in case of traffic. Even the new all-electric MINI Cooper gets this upgrade, studying up on the habits of its driver to remind them of what they might forget or need at the time such as opening the windows as soon as they enter the car during warm seasons.

electric cars iaa mobility 2023
Electric MINI Cooper | image by MINI | read the full story here



New steering wheels, 3D printing and fresh volumes


Design has long shaped the interior of electric cars, but the ones unveiled at IAA Mobility 2023 let it sync with the technology and materiality of the entire vehicle. CUPRA DarkRebel adopts 3D printing to mold metal into the cabin’s central spine, lending the electric sports car better lighting and structural performance. Even its sporty bucket seats with headrests made from glass and copper inserts are covered with 3D knitting fabric. 


CUPRA Dark Rebel’s steering wheel, however, may just steal the limelight with a design embodying the ones found in the world of gaming. It might be possible that the gaming industry influences the electric cars at IAA Mobility 2023 the way it does with fashion design. Polestar Synergy, for instance, features a single-seat floating interior design with control at its core. Its steering wheel forms crescent-shaped handles joined by a display that projects the vehicle’s cruising speed.

electric cars iaa mobility 2023
Mercedes-Benz CLA Class concept | image by Mercedes-Benz



Electric cars these days have been picking up on the spurt of new technologies, testing them out to see if they can fit them into their automobiles. In fact, some of them serve them well as seen in the way they use augmented reality, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence for their self-learning voice assistants. The growing world of electric cars seems to be getting more exciting for their fans, and the IAA Mobility 2023 is just one of the platforms where they can show what they have in store for them.


dashboard of Mercedes-Benz CLA Class concept | image by Mercedes-Benz

electric cars iaa mobility 2023
inside CUPRA DarkRebel | image by CUPRA | read the full story here

electric cars iaa mobility 2023
steering wheel of Polestar Synergy | image by Polestar


BMW Vision Neue Klasse | image by BMW | read full story here

from AR windshields to 3D printed metal, new technologies shape electric cars at IAA 2023
BMW Vision Neue Klasse



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