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electric scooter 'TOM' folds like a swiss army knife and can charge devices as a powerbank

Electric foldable scooter TOM from To-Move


Electric foldable scooter TOM by Italian startup To-Move can make itself compact and portable in under seven seconds, thanks to its Swiss army knife-life design that tucks most of its scooter parts into its bamboo frame. Once folded, the electric foldable scooter can be dragged around easily like carry-on luggage with wheels. TOM does not take up so much space since once it is folded up, the rider can just prop it up on its own or recline it on a wall with its 3.1 feet height. Such a compact size is opposed to having mid- to heavyweight electric scooters that tend to block pathways and sidewalks because of their sizes and style features.


There might be an undeniable design inspiration from electric bikes with the way the electric foldable scooter TOM has its wooden shell made from bamboo framed in an upward slope. The generously cushioned seating hides and erects seamlessly between the wooden frame, and its front wheel can be quickly assembled for cruising by angling the fore part downward to unfold it. The handlebars are also adjustable, depending on the need of the rider. By simply pulling it up or down, the rider can tailor its height to their desire. A slit cuts through the wooden shell to allow proper ventilation for the batteries and prevent them from overheating.

electric foldable scooter tom
images courtesy of To-Move



Dedicated app to track scooter thieves


The electric foldable scooter ‘TOM’ by To-Move packs 750 Wh batteries, enough to power up electronics and devices on the go. A dedicated slot in the body of the scooter is carved to enable riders to plug in their cables and not let their devices get battery drained. The design team states that they have cut down the use of plastic for the scooter parts to only around 10 percent, a move that contributes to making the ride a lightweight vehicle. Overall, TOM weighs less than 20 kilos, which makes it easier for the riders to lug it around almost anywhere.


The design team opts for aluminum for the material of the scooter’s body to guarantee a shock-resistant and durable vehicle. On top of it, TOM can be customized as the wooden shell can be replaced with a personalized design, and the design team shares that riders can even go for a helmet that has the same style as their chosen design for the electric foldable scooter. With the tech-reliant world people live in, TOM also has its dedicated app where the riders can check where they parked the scooter, receive alerts on whether someone has touched or plans to steal it, and monitor the battery levels of TOM.


As of publishing the story, the team of electric foldable scooter TOM has reached their goal here, enough to nudge them to gradually realize the project soon. In the meantime, they are preparing certifications for the vehicle and by November 2023, the production and delivery of the first batches begin.

electric foldable scooter tom
the electric foldable scooter TOM weighs less than 20 kilos

electric foldable scooter tom
once folded, the scooter can be towed around like carry-on luggage

electric foldable scooter tom
the design inspiration takes cues from electric bikes


electric foldable scooter TOM

electric foldable scooter tom
folded electric scooter TOM

electric foldable scooter tom
the vehicle unfolds in around seven seconds, based on To-Move’s claim

electric foldable scooter tom
it can also charge devices like a powerbank



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name: TOM

startup: To-Move

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