environmentally friendly, electric hydrofoiling quadrofoil watercraft
images and video courtesy of quadrofoil




the ‘quadrofoil‘ is an electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft which takes recreational marine transportation to a new level of environmental friendliness. its custom developed outboard motor propulsion with c-foil technology, enables driving that is several times more efficient than other water-vehicles on the market. the buoyancy force which lifts the vessel above the surface, minimizes drag and thus further improves the battery use economics.


the personal hydrofoil electric watercraft in action




even with all this environmental friendly technology, the ‘quadrofoil’ provides a new and thrilling water experience thanks to its top speed of 40 km/h (21 knots) and range of up to 100km. the electric engine can be fully charged in under two hours and operates quietly so is suitable for lakes, rivers, seas and also marine protected areas. the patented steering system stabilizes and makes the vessel responsive when flying on the water. the airtight and hydrodynamic vehicle is available for pre-order from october 2014 and will have a limited edition series shipping in march 2015.

the ergonomic and soft seats provide premium comfort


rear view of the watercraft flying across a lake


side view


the buoyancy force lifts the vessel above the surface