electric monolith skateboard features motors in the wheels
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dubbed as the world’s first and only skateboard with motors in the wheels, the ‘monolith’ by inboard sports, has the appearance and feel of a traditional one, yet has a powered performance. using patented manta drive, the 79mm wheels can propel the product to a top speed of 24 mph and for a maximum 10 miles. its swappable battery packs can be re-energized inside the board or on its own with a separate charing cable, taking around 90 minutes to fully refill. this cable, named the USB connect, can not only charge the batteries, but also the bluetooth connected RFLX remote controller.


teaser clip
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weighing just 12 lbs, the light ‘monolith’ skateboard features a hollow deck with a cavity to house all of the electrics. as well as powering the wheel motors, this wiring illuminates the lights on its nose and tail, improving the safety of the rider. the streamlined skateboard is seeking funding via their kickstarter campaign, find out more about it through their their initiative.

the RFLX remote controls the board’s speeds


each 79mm wheel features a motor


the front and rear has safety lights






its streamlined appearance makes it look like a traditional board


it is 100% weather resistant